Author Bios

The Inquisitive Ostrich portrait

The Inquisitive Ostrich

A successful co-parent and curious researcher. I spend my time supporting childcare needs and watching the horizon for the arrival of our next adventure. As a long-time member of the local track team, I hold records in various running events.

The Imaginative Rabbit portrait

The Imaginative Rabbit

As a nature-inspired painter and vegan chef, the ordinary often becomes the extraordinary as my imagination wanders! I’m no stranger to having to un-learn what I once considered myself an expert in, and I enjoy pondering the great potential in what I’ll one-day know.

The Ambitious Beaver portrait

The Ambitious Beaver

A hobby dendrochronologist and carpenter by trade. I enjoy life on the river and can be found doodling home designs, critiquing city planning, and imagining what life in the trees could be.

The Comedic Gnat portrait

The Comedic Gnat

A connoisseur of fungus and explorer of the forest. I'm perpetually curious about plants and love a good story. My neighbors, and their endless adventures, provide me with ample material for my weekly Stand-Up Comedy routine at the local Hackberry joint.

The Empathetic Penguin portrait

The Empathetic Penguin

A compassionate sociologist and avid swimmer. On land, I see the challenges of my neighbors, and the pain weighs on me. Swimming in the sea, my love of life is rejuvenated so I can return to the land to support my community.

C. Ragit portrait

C. Ragit

A human curator of photography, writing, and connection. Personal correspondence, storytelling, and the sharing of knowledge ground my work. I am perpetually curious and try my best to live as a joyful and curious kid stealthily disguised as an adult.