portrait of The Ambitious Beaver

Friday, May 22, 2020

thoughts from The Ambitious Beaver

Oars click in unison

Seats slide slowly forward

Oars hover above the water like acrobats

Blades cut the water with a strong pull

Silent screams from quadriceps

A narrow hull zooms forward

Smiling faces disappear into the fog

Long legs stuck in the mud

Patience and stillness and anticipation

There are bubbles and ripples below

With powerful precision, breakfast is served

The fish squirms in a long beak

A few juggling flips

Breakfast slides down headfirst

They cut the motor

Some shuffling of equipment

Zzzzzzip as the line extends

Plunk as the plastic frog and hook land

Quiet watchful eyes trained on ripples

Drifting too close, my friends

Smack as my tail breaks their focus

Good morning from the homefront